Submission guidelines for "Vietnamese Youth's potential contribution towards the United Nation's SDGs"

Participants - Students of the Foreign Trade University, all academic degrees and all the schools inside FTU can participate. Participants can be individuals or teams of maximum 5 members each.

Topic - Vietnamese Youth's potential contribution towards the United Nation's SDGs

Prompt - The contestants have to present a project which underline the role of Vietnamese youth, as part of the civil society, in the success of the Sustainable Development Goals.

This contest will have two main phases:

‣     The first round (at FTU): The contestants will present their project  to a committee composed of 5 FTU’s members. They should explain their motivation an justify their approach of the topic. The goal is to show the potential of the ideas they want to develop. The content

‣     The second round (at UNIDO): Presentation of the final project with a presentation works and a summary. The committee will ask questions to the contestants.

Product contents:

No matter which format is chosen, the work should contain:

(1) Investigation part  
This part should aim to identify and show problems / challenges. The problems/challenges can be the gap between UN’s or other development agencies's standards/objectives and Vietnam's factual situation OR other forms of factual status which is negative in inself (by development standards) or would pose negative impacts on human being's welfare in the future. This should contains data to support the argumentation and/or make a comparative analysis with other countries. This part may need analytical tools or theoretical framework, which is optional.

(2) Recommendation part

Use knowledge and creativity and work out suggestions regarding contribution and ways to contribute by the youth in Vietnam to the UN's SDGs

Notes: contents of the works successfully passing the first round should be improved basing on the assessment committee's comments

Product format

Original format with a 10 minutes presentation. In the following table, the students can find some ideas to present their project, especially for the second round.





Video reportage

  • Journalistic presentation
  • Documentary film


  • Series of interviews
  • Portrait: full interview of a personality

Short movie

  • Approach the topic with a fictive story



  • Promotion clip


  • Music clip







  • Photo Reportage




  • Write letter for the Youth

  • Debate (ex. Model United Nation)


Painting, Drawing


  • Cartoons

  • Comics





Research Work


  • Analyse & Theories

  • Suggestions




  • Little compilation of short articles illustrated with photos


Novel, Essay

Visible model


New technologies



  • prototype of a smartphone application

  • website






  • For example they can propose an awareness campaign

Assessment criteria

Priority is given to the works/products meeting the following requirements

- Showing participant's creativity

- Being logical

- Clearly, concisely expressed in English

- Being practical and realistic


Kick-off ceremony: 16h30-17h30, 14 April, 2016 - Lien Viet International Conference Room A1001

First round: 21 May, 2016 (submission for 1st round: 16 May, 2016)

Second round: 15 June (submission for 2nd round: 10 June, 2016)

Awarding ceremony: 23 June


Cash and/or gifts worth up to VND 3ml/participant + certificates with logo of FTU and UNIDO and signed by FTU's President and UNIDO's representative + opportunities to meet UNIDO's project stakeholders in Vietnam.

NB: Winning projects in others UN’s contests.

Letter :


Rap :


Poster :


Comics & Cartoons :





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