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In this article, I shall be listing down the various websites and also the procedure to get Apex coins in this article. If you are using any Apex coin generator, do abstain from it. Because there are no authentic generators available. I will tell you the reason later in this article. Apart from all these, there are other important things which shall be discussed in this article. So scroll down and start reading.
Also found on the EA website for Apex Legends is the drop rate for the Apex Packs. The drop rates for Apex Packs are:

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Another benefit from the Stalker passive is that Revenant can climb higher and faster than other Legends. You are more than capable of scaling areas that many assume are unreachable. Use this to your advantage to cut-off escape routes or ambush enemies that think their back is protected. You can also use his climb to juke anyone chasing you since most won’t look high above them.
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AMD Radeon HD 7730 / NVIDIA GeForce GT 640
If you have an R-301 and Peacekeeper already, you don’t need to bother with other weapons.
Passive: Heart Seeker — Best used in small, indoor locations. Heart Seeker will be able to keep tabs on the enemy locations through walls, doorways, or any other cover. Communication with your teammates will be key to making the best use of this ability.
By using your abilities at inappropriate times or during unnecessary encounters, you are potentially leaving yourself vulnerable without access to crucial attack components. This is often one of the leading causes of demise for many players.
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The Mastiff has remained a solid gun choice for Apex Legends players before it was pulled out of the care package and nerfed on the PC and console platform. While a tad lower in damage compared to the Peacekeeper, the mobile Mastiff is a treat to use. Having almost little to no recoil, you can use this shotgun with ADS on and off without worries. However, we suggest ADSing to tighten the bullet spread to hit more pellets with each shotgun shell.
Tips: Using Valkyrie’s jetpack in short bursts to gain momentum, in tandem with other movement abilities, is a great way of getting around the battlefield and dropping in on opponents. Flying consistently gets you shot at, so it’s better to boost and then fall, firing your jetpack just before the ground to make you harder to hit. The jetpack does rely on fuel, however, so be sure to keep an eye on the gauge.
Active Apex Simulator Codes. Below you will find an updated list of all working codes for Apex Simulator. this list is updated on a regular basis as we add new codes and remove the expired ones.. If you come across any expired codes feel free to let us know in the comments.
In a team deathmatch, two squads of 6 players battle it out. The first team to reach 30 kills wins the game. 
Nearly five years on, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone just pushed what he says is Stardew’s “biggest update yet.”
1. Some Reward Point Websites do not allow specific countries to earn points on their websites. If they find out that a member is from such a location, they can delete his or her profile, including the earned points.
Place a portable device that allows you to teleport nearby loot to your inventory. Each friendly or enemy Legend can take up to two items.
There is a science to landing in Kings Canyon, the game’s map. Landing in the right spot can certainly give a team an advantage over the rest of the field. Because of this, we decided to provide some tips to help players survive the early portions of a match in Apex Legends.
And another useful feature about the ping system is…
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When you’re in the middle of an engagement with an enemy squad, it may be a knee-jerk reaction to start using your abilities. However, most characters’ tactical and ultimate abilities have fairly lengthy cooldowns, so they’re valuable assets that need to be used at very specific moments. If you use your ability at the wrong time or without much thought of how it’s going to affect your team, you may be doing more harm than good.
Join the Half Anniversary Celebration and get your hands on bonuses and gifts. The event lasts until April 9.
If you see your teammates lack good armor and you find a suit, highlighting it shows its location on the map to the rest of your trio. With a few button taps, you can highlight enemy locations, focus on where to travel next, tell people you’re scouting ahead or warn teammates that other teams have been through here. 
Tip: Hide your Perimeter Security nodes behind the sides of doors to protect them from being shot. Place Interception Pylons behind some cover to stop enemy teams from removing it too quickly.  
Pathfinder is a medic, but his kit differs from Lifeline in the sense that it’s intended to help you explore and traverse terrain, rather than to heal.
There is no harm in trying or asking family members and friends, so why not give it a go and see if anyone is willing to help, otherwise build yourself an audience and see if they can help you get those famous Apex coins.  
I learned this one the hard way. I was third to pick in a group where all three of us wanted Lifeline. After the first guy picked, I decided I would take Bangalore. And when the second guy chose her, I panicked, picked someone I had never used before and died in a hurry.
Purchase 11.500 Apex Coins*. This in-game currency can be used to purchase new cosmetic items for characters and weapons in the direct purchase shop. Apex Coins can also be used to purchase cosmetic Apex Packs and to unlock new characters through the in-game store. *Requires Apex Legends on applicable platform (sold separately) and all game updates.
Apex Coins Origin
Are Free Apex Coins legal and do they work?
Rewards: Omega Point Pathfinder skin, plus 5 Apex Packs
Free Apex Code Redeem
Although you can only get the Apex Coins by using real money, there are several ways to get Apex Coins for free, without using real money. We shall list some methods of getting your hands on some free Apex Coins. They are as follows:
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With the exception of the rare “fully-kitted” gold weapons, guns are found with no attachments. You have to find them in the same way you would find anything else. Fortunately, you don’t have to manually equip the attachments, though. If you pick one up that is eligible to be attached to one of your two weapons, it will do so automatically. Conversely, if you drop your weapon and either don’t have room in your backpack to store the attachments or cannot attach them to your new weapon, the attachments will also drop to the ground.
How can we have Apex hacks without talking about your positions on the battlefield? You need to concentrate on three major aspects when taking a position- 
If the ring has already closed and there is a death box outside of it, you wouldn’t be blamed for strolling out and getting it — just make sure you are carrying some health items.
Steelseries will be giving away codes with the latest Apex Legends DLC on 13/11 and 14/11!
Let us notify you when fresh coupons are found.
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The first Apex Legends easter egg is here, and you can make the Loch Ness Monster spawn by shooting 10 Nessy toys around the Kings Canyon map in order. Visiting the Apex Legends Nessy locations is a callback to Respawn’s previous Titanfall games, and we’ve got a guide that covers everything you need to complete it.
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Tip No. 6: Death boxes often have the best loot.
How do I get heirloom shards for free in Apex Legends?
There are quite a few downsides to using this, with the biggest being that it only comes with twelve shots and it can’t be reloaded with more ammo. Once you run out of bullets the gun is nothing more than extra baggage. It also takes time to reload it and descopes for everything, including both reloading and after every shot.
Yes – we use a Sweepstake system for the games/prizes and sweepstakes are by law “No Purchase Necessary to Enter or Win“.
Picking where to drop in Apex Legends can be a challenge with two other teammates tagging along. It can also be challenging when there’s one Jumpmaster ultimately deciding where players will land. Since separating from the group is often a poor decision, convincing others where to drop in order to find the best loot stands out as a good one. There are a number of locales worth exploring for anyone eager to win, but scouting out where teams are dropping and avoiding conflict is an equally strong strategy.
Apex Legends might be around for another ten years.
Our Apex Legends weapon tier list for March 2022 is here to break down which of the guns are the best to use now that the new meta has settled down a bit once again after the launch of Season 12 Defiance. As the meta currently stands, there remains a…
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Increased spawn rate for Hammerpoint Rounds and Kinetic Feeder.
Valkyrie can launch into the air with her teammates and skydive to a new location. This ability works similarly to a jump tower – Valkyrie can be attacked during the pre-launch animation and while ascending.
Send a cylindrical cone of micro-drones towards your enemies, temporarily interrupting the cooldowns and abilities of rival players. Micro-drones can also go through walls and reveal the locations of enemies.
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Control Mode returns for a limited time with a new map in rotation: Caustic’s Town Takeover on Kings Canyon. Control mode delivers 9v9 action as two teams fight to hold control points, with infinite respawns keeping the action going. A new Arenas map — Drop Off — takes players back to the heights of Malta. 
Don’t know your Caustic from your Pathfinder? These Apex Legends tips will set you on the right path.
Mad Maggie, cutthroat warlord and the Outlands’ meanest mad-lass is back and she’s coming into the Apex Games like a wrecking ball with a very offensive play style. With enhanced shotgun proficiency, the ability to dislodge enemies behind cover, and a crushing Ultimate, Mad Maggie could control the madness – or empower it.
While all the assault rifles in Apex Legends mobile are amazing, the R-301 Carbine is by far our favorite gun in the game. While the weapon does feature a low damage ratio, it makes up for that with its accurate positioning, a high rate of fire, and a recoil pattern that mobile gamers can control. Long been a choice for Apex Legends PC gamers to start their journey with, the R-301 assault rifle is a solid gun in the game.
We looked at some of the most frequently asked questions about Apex Legends.